Saturday, September 13, 2008

Puppy Love

And they called it......

On Thursday, Neal and I headed west to the Charlotte area for my Tri! Along the way we paid a visit to our puppy in Gastonia. Anita and Paul Pennell welcomed the two of us, plus Sonja (Neal's sister) and our nephews Drew and Nathan to their home to sit with the two-week-old pups.

On Saturday, we had a break in our agenda and visited AGAIN (I couldn't resist). They were peeking through mostly open eyes and starting to scooch around.

You'll notice in these first two pix, all the puppies have different colored collars. In several weeks, the Pennells will choose the dog that best fits our family. We'll be able to look back and see how our dog grew over the first few weeks!
This one is from Thursday:
She stuck with Neal nearly the whole time. It must have been his brown shirt.
Sleepy Girls:
The Countdown is On!!! You can see more pix on Picasa.

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