Tuesday, November 25, 2008

November 2008

I haven't written in a while, but I have some pix I thought I'd share from November. The pup has been keeping me busy of course, but I have managed to fit it some fun and fitness throughout the month.


This past weekend, I finally coerced Neal into walking the hallowed grounds of Chapel Hill. Actually, back in January, he requested away tickets to the Wolfpack v. Tarheel matchup. We hit the Hill with Tony Stroud and Chris Manning and despite the loss we had a great time. I felt a little teary entering the stadium. After all, I hadn't been back to Kenan since graduation day. I felt a little teary leaving, too. After all, I hadn't had a butt-kicking that bad in a long while.

My highlights (aside from the masked Chick-fil-A man in section 103 - see below): Cook Out Chocolate Malt Milk Shake. Divine.

Above: Beautiful Day at Kenan Stadium. The forecast was for a high of 41 degrees. Below: I thought the Carolina Blue skies were a good omen.

Above: Home Sweet Home
Below: Proof that Neal was Present

Above: The Scoreboard reads 31-10 Wolfpack. Ouch.
Below: Despite Being in the Vistor's Section, We had a Great Vantage Point

Below: ChickFilA Man. I guess he got chilly and decided to conserve heat in the form of his lunch bag. He had to keep rearranging his eye holes. After a drop in Farinheit (or a few more nips of bourbon) he added the blue hair in the second photo for effect.

Below: Neal proudly posing in front of the sign in front of the dorms named after his ancestor: Bryan Grimes.

Above & Below: Post-Game we had a Smithfield's snack and Tony & Chris
tossed the football in our private tailgate party off of Rosemary Street.

Below: Neal's Victory Smile

Here are some pix of Sugar that you may or may not have seen. For other pix, you can visit my Picasa site.

On November 9, 2008, I attempted my second-ever half marathon. I was fairly prepared for it. I still felt in shape from the triathlon and had increased my long runs since September. Still, I was VERY nervous. It turned out to be a great run.

Amy, Colin and I arrived at the Battleship around 6:45am. We stayed warm in the car before the race and I tried to keep my nerves under control. The day was beautiful. I think it was in the upper 40s when we started and warmed up to the mid 50s. The course took us over the Isabel Holmes bridge, through downtown Wilmington, around Greenfield lake and over the Memorial bridge. The best thing we did was park Amy's car at a spot on the lake - and so we had a 5-minute tailgate party/pit stop. We loaded up with water, sport beans and ACTIVEON (apply directly to where it hurts!)
The second best thing: Anna & Dad! They were on Third Street, andLake Shore Drive in the Park. Plus, Dad caught us near Fourth and Greenfield and both found us at the Finish Line. I was really excited that I ran most of the way. I needed a few walk breaks, and my last mile was SLOOOOOW, but I was pretty steady. Plus, I finished about 20 minutes faster than my San Diego time.
Myrtle Beach: HERE I COME!

Below: Here's Colin at Mile 2. He's Smiling. Always a Good Sign.
See how he's running waaaaay ahead of the pack?

Here comes the pack. And here we are - surprised to see Dad & Anna!

Below: Colin at the Lake.

Below:Here we are at the park. Probably a good 20-30 minutes after Colin passed!
We look good but our knees hurt.

Below: Our traditional medal and beer toast.
Amy's Finish Time: 2:21:20
My Finish Time: 2:19:26
Next year, we have to finish faster - this year they ran out of beer shortly after our finish.

Thanks to Anna who was part of our team!
Colin Won! His finish time: 1:17. He finished FIRST in his age group!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Dancing with the Stars

I don't normally even watch DwtS, but I do like the finale. Evidently, so does Sugar. We were playing fetch until she crawled into my lap and began to intently watch the show.