Thursday, August 28, 2008

Move Your Soles

This video was created by the team at PC3 for our latest message series. This is how I've been training for the Triathlon during the rain. I think you'll love Bob.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Recon Mission - Puppies and Panic

My mission: a recon trip to the Charlotte area to scope out Carolina Kennels and my triathlon course.

PUPPIES: On Thursday I visited Anita and Paul Pennell at the Carolina Kennels in Gastonia. I met Vicki (our mom), Skye, Murphy and Precious. I spent close to two hours visiting in the kitchen with them and I'm so impressed! We talked puppies and grooming and discipline and crate training and whelping.....phew! All the dogs were very well-behaved and not as hyper as I've been led to believe. The Pennells have a similar philosophy to ours: a tired dog is a good dog.

Vicki reminded me a ton of Maggie. She came over and leaned against me and I got all teary! She is due next Tuesday and we'll be able to visit in September when we go for the triathlon. Plus, they will update us with pictures throughout the first few weeks. Our adoption day will be in week 8! Yay! You can check out some pix of puppies here. Right now, the leading name on our list is Carolina's Masonboro Sugaree. (We'll call her Sugar)

PANIC: I am not talking about the southern-rockin'-jam-band-from-Athens, Georgia that we just saw at the House of Blues. I am talking heart-sinkin'-mind-skewin'-fear-pulsin' panic. On Saturday, I was at the Cornelius, NC YMCA for a practice open water swim in prep for the triathlon! There were close to 300 people total and they had us swim out in waves of 40-50 at a time. I was in the fourth wave with my tri mentor Cheryl Todd. When they announced our turn, we waded into the water, got accustomed to the temp and the mushy lake bottom and adjusted goggles and caps. When the whistle blew everyone took off in a moderately mad dash to the first buoy. I felt the panic about 50 yards out. I kept bumping into the person in front of me. I swallowed water. I got a little off course. I couldn't find my rhythm and my breathing was crazy. My thoughts: I'mgoingtodrownthere'sacanoeI'lljusthangontoitorturnaroundI'mnevergoingtomakeit.
Fortunately, the night before Leanne Greco had given me some sage advice: Pheel the Phelps. I had it written on my arm along with PHINISH. I stopped. I tread water. I read the words on my arm. I started the breast stroke instead. I stayed on course to the first buoy. I did the freestyle to the second buoy. I switched up my stroke on the back stretch and didn't have to stop! In fact, I even passed a few people!

After the swim, Cheryl coached me on how to set up for the T1 - the first transition when you come out of the water and jump on the bike. I was also able to visit Latta Plantation Preserve - an equestrian/nature preserve in Huntersville - to test my hill riding and running skills. I can't believe I have a month to go! Wish me luck!