Friday, October 9, 2009

Y Dub Tri Club

I made it through my first week of the YDubTriClub! Phew! What a great week. I joined to keep myself in shape until the next triathlon. The program is run through the YWCA and each practice is coached by a triathlete. We'll learn injury prevention, bike maintenance and swimming techniques that I have just powered through in the past. I have learned so much and feel so much better already. I can't believe I ever trained alone! Swimming, biking and running with others is so much fun. It pushes you just a little bit more to do even better.

Monday we biked on indoor trainers. It was an hour's worth of getting used to getting our bikes on the trainers and feeling them out. My favorite part: the music. I have never biked with music and our instructor just blared lots of favorites everything from Still of the Night [Whitesnake] to Touch of Grey [Grateful Dead]! Nice!

On Tuesday and Thursday we swam. Drills. Forever. We practiced all sorts of techniques to improve form, function and breathing. On Tuesday we took a baseline time for a 100. I finished in 1:45 [I think]. We'll see if it improves. On Thursday we did more drills: finger tip drags, the swordfish, kickboard, closed-fist freestyle, open-hand freestyle and something called a three-and-threes that helps with rolling your hips when you breathe. If my calculations are correct, we did close to 100 lengths of the pool that day.

Wednesday was our day at the track and Friday is our day for a long run. On Wednesday we did a mile warm-up (with skipping!) and a mile test run. My time for the mile was 7:42. We also did these crazy sprints where you do 20-seconds of mountain-climbers, sprint 50 yards, walk to the start, do 20 seconds of knee raises, sprint 50 yards, walk to start, 20 seconds of squats, sprint 50 yards and walk to the start. Then do it again. Zowie! Today was our long run and I'm thrilled to say that I ran from the YWCA to Pine Valley, around Robert E. Lee drive and back to the Y [about 5 miles]. As Valley girls growing up in that area of town, we lived to ride our bikes around Robert E. Lee drive. I can't believe I ran it!

Did I mention that our training starts at 5:45am? I stole these pictures because it's too dark to take my own. But, here are my top reasons of the week to get up so early to work out: you get to see the stars and the full moon, you get to eat a cream puff from sweet and savory without the guilt, you lose two pounds in one week, and you gain confidence that you stuck with it all week.